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Your BuilderSource VIP/Club Card lets you obtain the best value at optimal pricing. 

As a BuilderSource member, you are eligible for many in-store specials on merchandise as well as access to our online catalog and to all the features of our RFQ Plan Center including free posting of your job or your services, free Job-Cost software, free Digital Plan Viewer, and a free Internet Browser designed to assist the professional builder, home improvement contractor, or do-it-yourselfer.

affordable service

BuilderSource’s VIP/Club Card affords customers and contractors Internet pricing with all affiliate stores, thus combining the benefits of both Internet and bricks-and-mortar purchasing.

track your purchases

Each card has an individual identification number used to track customer purchases and compensate the affiliate who sponsored the customer for the VIP/Club Card.

sale promotions

This card also facilitates BuilderSource’s 
creation of customer incentives for Internet purchases and in-store point-of-sale promotions.

user protection

BuilderSource’s central system protects the affiliate’s customer bases while developing highly effective marketing tools and sales programs that will help the affiliate market products to its customers.


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