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The BuilderSource system’s RFQ Plan Center is a digital version of plan centers in your area, with many additional features and services.

Services for Customers Planning to Build:

Whether you are replacing your roof or building a skyscraper, we will post your project on our digital online projects free of charge.

  • You just complete the scope-of-work questionnaire specifying the bid criteria and time of bid closures, and your job will be posted.
  • If you are bidding out plans, you will need to provide them to us either in a CAD, PDF or in a common graphic format (jpg, png, etc). If you have paper drawings, they can be sent to us, where they will be scanned into the Digital Format. All you have to do is complete the “Posting Form” and include it along with the drawings. If you want the drawings returned to you, you must include a $25.00 for shipping and handling, (VISA/MC, or check).

Free Web Browser

provides instant access to product specifications and costing on most standard items.

Free Job Cost Software

is the easiest job cost tool available, completely interactive to the Web Browser.

Free Plan Viewer

Software enables you to view and do job take offs from our digital files. It comes complete with a Browser link interactive with your PC Web Browser to enable you to shop online for most specified items

Services For Contractors:

Use and Membership in ConstructionJobBank.Com is free to contractors, suppliers and vendors that are bidding on RFQs.

  • The only fees are for specific information, products, or enhanced services. Unlike other job-matching services, we do not charge fees for jobs obtained through us. We charge only for downloaded files or for subscriptions to the email notifications when jobs are posted in specific trade areas.
  • Enhanced Fee Services: Email/E-fax notification, Scheduling, Project Hosting, Wireless and Compliance Monitoring for Disadvantaged Businesses, WB – MBE Service: We notify contractors when a job meeting their criteria is posted in their trade area. This service is available for as low as $10.00 a month, depending upon use and features.
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Free Software

including Digital Plan Viewers, Job Costing Tools, and Internet Browsers, make your work more efficient.

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We will post information about you at no charge and make the listing available to clients looking for a contractor in your area.

  • We post customers’ bid criteria online in a text with plan overviews in a low-resolution GIF format. Online viewing is free.
  • Drawings are available for download and can be printed off directly or through a local service provider, at a cost of $5-$25 for most jobs for non-members.
  • We also provide the information in CD format, at a cost of $5-$25 for most jobs.

Services for Posting Bids:

Free Membership in the RFQ Plan Center and

This service is provided as a public service to all Governmental agencies at all levels.  RFQ Plan Center provides the perfect venue for soliciting bids and monitoring bid compliance guidelines.

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There are fees for posting and handling paper documents, that need to be scanned to a digital format.  Project Hosting and Archiving are other related fee services.  Compliance monitoring is an optional service, as is the connectivity platform services.  These services are online to be operational by Spring of 2021