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The Virtual World that Builds You a Real One

 We are a network system that links together do-it-yourselfers, trade contractors, sub-contractors, building supply houses, lumberyards, vendors, and consumers. The system combines the best of the virtual Internet world with local “Sticks and Bricks” supplies and services.

Online Catalog

Our new online catalog is on its way to contain in excess of 300,000 SKUs — everything you need for high-quality construction for projects. Including lines of private labeled “BuilderSource Brand” merchandise, full lines in base, standard, up-grade and designer quality, competitively priced, listed in our catalog in “Good-Better-Best-Designer” options. The catalog is integrated with our “Bid/Quote Layout” App


Products and merchandise lines are manufactured to the high-quality standards, guaranteed right, on time, with superior warranties.

Design Focused

Our technology provides you as a “Single Source” for customers to access best selection and pricing. Affiliates are not just a store, they are a focused building supply company offering full building supplies: Lumber, Engineered Wood products, Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Plumbing, Electrical fixtures and more. All provided to provide or compete with national brands, offering a higher perception of value and convenience to your customer.


Our new online catalog contains in excess of 300,000 SKUs — everything you need for high-quality construction for most projects.

Catalog Information

We in development to add lines of private labeled “BuilderSource Brand” merchandise, full lines in base, standard, up-grade and designer quality, competitively priced, listed in our catalog in “Good-Better-Best-Designer” options.  The BuilderSource brand of windows, doors, cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures are designed to compete with national brands, offering a competitive quality or higher perception of value for your money.  These products and merchandise lines are manufactured to the high-quality standards, guaranteed right, on time, with superior warranties.

Building materials products and Merchandise (Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Appliances, finishes) Tools — Equipment Supplies, Fasteners, hangers, venting Engineered Wood Products, Trusses, Floor-Systems, and Wall Systems.

Viewing Options: You may customize your personal preferences in how the catalog information is available:

Consumer Catalog; Style Construction Standard Format CSI Codes, includes product specifications; Designer Layout by Room; Search, by Item, Manufacturer or Construction Division.


Within seconds, search the extensive catalog database of products. Saving time and money while dealing with a preferred if not single source to your customers.

Software Features of Catalog

Software Feature of Catalog: With the proprietary free Job Costing software featured with our Plan Viewer take-off tools, you can enter your list of products description items, quantities, and click on “Cost Out” and within seconds it will search the extensive catalog database of products, it will also show both pricing and availability, and/or options to your list, a savings of time and money with the convenience dealing with a single source.

With the BuilderSource “Whole House” ordering system, you can order the entire materials listing for your project, have it marshaled and delivered to your job site, Guaranteed Right and On-Time at our Premium Pricing

We offer complete Building Plans for over 100,000 home plans, any one of which are available to be delivered just about anywhere on the planet as a turn-key kit home. We have available pre-panelized shells, 100% engineered meeting the most stringent building codes, for walls, floor-systems, and trusses.

The real winner in the BuilderSource system is the consumer, with our system we can better educate and offer a single convenient source for home and home-improvement project building. When online, the catalog selections will be over five times that of the traditional building supplier. The goal is to have readily available, more product lines with wider selections, competitively priced every day. All products are guaranteed, RIGHT, and ON-TIME, You will always get an honest answer, if we can not deliver on your schedule, we tell you when, ahead of time, not as an apology.

The superior software application infrastructure provides real-time data services that tracks all shipments, payments, and status of orders, enabling job coordination, scheduling, and job costing all online 24/7.


Offering posting project bid requests on one of the first National Plan Centers, offering 100% digital Electronic Bid Sets (EBS).

Never Run Out of Plan Sets

The cost of running paper sets of plans and specifications as well as the distribution of them can be quite an expense. The Plan Center offers inexpensive ways for members to post or obtain this information. Most jobs are posted as a free service to our members. We charge a nominal Posting Fee if the plans have to be scanned or converted from CAD to be posted. There is not a charge for drawings that are already in graphic or pdf format, directly uploaded to the site. We provide free Viewer software that includes the interactive Job Costing feature with our catalog, saving hours in Costing-Out projects.

Public Bid Process:  Cities that need to meet Federally funded project compliance For Disadvantaged Businesses, or WB – MBE are given special status within the system.  BuilderSource will provide optional comprehensive monitoring systems that monitor and report job compliance status.  Each hosted “Project in Process” provides a listing of contractors awarded bids, contractor status, and matches to the guideline requirements for minorities, prevailing wage, and other requirements.  Click here for information regarding our Compliance Management programs.

Post your Project for Bids/Quotes

Plan Archive, Graphic Information Systems:  BuildingArchive.Com is the latest in information availability that is hosted here at the BuilderSource.Com Archive services.  We can store all your building plans with updates in digital form and make them available 24/7.  We can provide this information online to both building departments for code updates and for Fire Departments in enabling better fire protection.  Fire Departments, will have construction information as well as building configurations, providing a level of safety and efficiencies in both fire prevention and fire fighting.  

Free Listing:  Directory Professional Services-Contractors: Affiliate Member vendors, service providers, contractors, are listed in our directory as a resource for projects.

Meet your Relationship Manager

Building Contractors Sub-Contractor Trades Professional Services, Civil, Structural, Architectural, Appraisers, Attorneys, Escrow, Insurance, Realtors, Building Inspection, environmental engineers, etc. Service Providers: Cable Television, Security, Specialty installers.

BuilderSource Member Services: Classifieds, Bulletin Board, Information Exchange: This is a free posting service for selling Surplus Merchandise, Equipment, Employment, Request for help with problems, Builders Forum.

BuilderSource Reference: Our online resource library provides an informational service in “How-To” information as well as Sample Engagement Agreements and Contract content to consider when obtaining services. The intent of this service is to be a resource and assistance in procedures for construction as well as the business and legal aspects of engaging in performing work or engaging services. The information contained is as reference materials only for some of the items to be considered. We highly suggest that you obtain adequate counsel of a professional in the Building Trades or with an Attorney before having any work performed or entering into any contract. We also suggest that you check on the references and general standings of the companies, contractors, and professionals you are considering using. BuilderSource is a resource and medium for connecting customers with service providers. We make no warranties to any representations or listings or solicitations by any member, in any standing other than products and services provided directly by BuilderSource.


Created in 1997 as system support to the sales of Building Stock Plans as completed shells. Offering over 10,000 homes as complete packages for both the professional builder and the project “Do-it-Yourselfer” The organizing partner was a professional commercial real estate builder-developer operating out of the Pacific Northwest.

Private Label Brands

Product brands are produced by some of the most respected manufactures in the world under our direction and specifications. All BuilderSource Branded products carry a full product warranty, along with the BuilderSource Guarantee of "Right, and On-Time" for delivery.


In a world of "you get what you pay for", we strive to surpass expectations in a optimal balance of quality and price. Making sure there is support in after sale service, making sure the customer is heard. We recognize the value of getting it right the first time, and we stand to uphold that as our Credo in business. Holding our manufacturers to a high standard of excellence. It is paramount that our partners stand behind their products and provide prompt service.

Fulfillment Partners

Manufacturers that produce our product and handle fulfillment directly from their facilities to the customer. Including — engineered wood products (floor systems, wall systems and trusses), window, door and cabinetry lines. Made-to-order and shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer.
"Break-Bulk" Distributors generally represent a number of manufacturers, bringing in bulk shipments and parting them out on an individual order basis. These items are termed "Box" items. Including — plumbing, electrical fixtures, electronics, insulation, venting, HVAC, appliances, and tools.