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Increase Profits

The smallest Lumberyard affiliate can profit from the explosion of retail purchasing on the Internet without having to set up their own websites or systems. We will increase your inventory from your current levels to over 300,000 items that will be delivered directly to your customer, or store generally within 48 to 72 hours.

Customer Base

Your customer base is protected from the emergence of the large superstore retailers who are moving into smaller markets.
Through national buying power, affiliates have a selection of products and services that equals or exceeds superstore selections and that can be sold at extremely competitive prices.
Lower prices and free-of-charge opportunities to post local bid work increase customer satisfaction.

Affiliate Connections

Connections among the affiliate's existing relationships are streamlined.
New relationships are developed for affiliate stores through BuilderSources' vast network of referrals. National sales and service organizations will buy needed products through BuilderSource affiliates (see below).

  • Throughput is dramatically increased without bricks-and-mortar expenses.
    • All communications about a particular job, including scheduling, bidding, and invoicing, are electronically linked for maximum efficiency.
    • Contractors benefit from a “whole house” front-end ordering system that results in lowered overall prices plus timed deliveries of merchandise to coincide with construction.
  • Affiliates get the best of the worlds of advertising: online exposure, paper catalogs, seminars, trade shows, product-related demonstrations, and customer service representatives who provide local support.
  • Affiliates benefit from all available modes of selling: Internet, telephone, direct mail, and in-store.
  • Service is local, thus guaranteed to be accessible and speedy.
  • Security at key points of online interaction with BuilderSource is guaranteed.

Each Affiliate Store Gets an On-Location BuilderSource Kiosk

Builder Supply Affiliate Stores

The kiosk contains:

Two or more on-line compuers to access the BuilderSource network and catalog

No Computer, No Problem

People without computers or smart devices have direct access to extended products via the kiosk.


New BuilderSource customers can enroll for VIP/Card memberships.

Product Information

Confirmations and product information can be printed off, as well as building plans in 11x17 format.


In-store merchandise specials will be displayed here, as well as over 30,000 SKUs.


Kiosks are set up by BuilderSource Customer Service Representatives who train affiliate store personnel on the system, and are maintained by the relationship managers.


Affiliates may purchase or lease kiosks, or through BuilderSource.

Affiliate Store Purchase

Affiliate's buying power provides purchasing power, affording better pricing to your customer base, while increasing your average sale, by including Lumber Packages, Windows, Doors, Cabinets as a lead if not single source to your customers.

Affiliate Home Purchase

Each time an affiliate's customer buys from BuilderSource online, affiliates are protected, your registered customers will always be your customers and credited directly to the affiliate.


Property management companies, hotel chains, franchisees, and other national companies can purchase all remodeling materials, merchandise, furniture, fixtures, and supplies from the same source.

BuilderSource’s national database can ensure that all items will be standard to company operations. 

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