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At BuilderSource, we empower you to personalize your catalog experience by customizing how the information is presented to you. Our platform offers multiple options to cater to your specific preferences:

  1. Construction Standard Format CSI Codes with Product Specifications: This format allows you to access catalog information organized according to Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) codes. It includes detailed product specifications, enabling you to quickly find the specific products you need for your construction projects.
  2. Designer Layout by Room: If you prefer a layout that aligns with specific rooms or spaces, our Designer Layout option is perfect for you. This format presents catalog information categorized by different rooms, making it convenient for interior designers, architects, and homeowners to explore products suitable for each area.
  3. Search by Item, Manufacturer, or Construction Division: Our powerful search functionality allows you to search the catalog by specific items, manufacturers, or construction divisions. This enables you to quickly find the desired products based on your specific criteria, ensuring a seamless and efficient browsing experience.


At BuilderSource, we understand the importance of tailoring the catalog information to suit your unique needs. By providing multiple customization options, we aim to enhance your convenience and make it easier for you to find the products that align with your requirements.

"1 Million + SKUs"

Our online catalog will contain over 1 Million + SKUs — everything you need for high-quality construction. Along with the national and regional brands are the BuilderSource lines of private labeled “BuilderSource Brand” merchandise offers competitively priced windows, doors, cabinets, as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures. These products and merchandise lines are manufactured to the high-quality standards, guaranteed right, on time, and on quality grading of “Good-Better-Best-Designer” options.

Building Materials You Can Work With

Building materials Products and Merchandise (Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Appliances, finishes) Tools — Equipment Supplies, Fasteners, hangers, venting Engineered Wood Products, Trusses, Floor-Systems, and Wall Systems.

Within seconds, search the extensive catalog database of products. Saving time and money while dealing with a preferred if not single source to your customers.